Thursday, July 03, 2008

We now returning you to our regularly scheduled re-cap of our trip to Seattle. Day 3 was a relaxing day at the park, well, kind of. There was a plan...

Aimee and I set out to introduce Jodi to our fun obsession, I mean hobby, of letterboxing. Aimee, stamp carver extraordinaire, made stamps for both Jodi and Jacob. Jodi's "wordworm" stamp can be seen in the photo below. Jacob's is a chipmunk, with his nickname "Boo" on it. I added a log book, stamp pad and pen, to create a letterboxing kit for each of them. Now all we needed were clues. We found a few for boxes in a nearby park. Below are the supplies for our letterboxing adventure.
Jodi with her first letterbox. I understand they have been 'boxing since we left. Aimee, we have created another addict!
The park had a nice climbing wall and the picture was cool too.
This park had the coolest large chess set; although it was missing several pieces. Joshua was jealous when he saw the pictures. Jacob and Gabriel played a game. It was hard because all the pieces were not there and some of the remaining pieces were designated to be others (the black king was actually a pawn, who was taken in the end, because we didn't realize it was the king). The boys had fun; that's really all that matters.
We have two of the "thinking-est" boys. They had some great conversations during our visit (like debating whether or not space and dimension are the same thing, funny story there). A chess game was a natural progression. Jodi, we sure have some smart boys!
Hmm, now what?
Then we went to the mall for lunch and some shopping. It was a fun hang out day.

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