Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day! I hope everyone had a good day, good food, good friends and family.

While the long weekend is a great time to relax and enjoy a long weekend. it is also a time to honor those who have served our country to preserve our freedom. It is a time to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice, who gave their lives, and their families who will be forever missing a piece of themselves given up for us.

Today, I want to honor some people close to my heart on this Memorial Day:
The love of my life, Brian Taylor, US Navy
My Daddy, Marlin Williams, US Marine Corp
My father in law, Steven Taylor, US Army
My brother in law, Paul Taylor, US Navy
My uncle, Kenneth Williams, US Army
My uncle Rick Williams, US Marine Corp
My friend Aimee's Daddy, US Navy

The cemetery where my mother is buried puts on a Memorial Day celebration every year called the Avenue of Flags (I wish I had taken my camera). It started with about 35 donated flags. This year there were over 1400. They are flags, donated by families, that draped the casket of a service member. They are displayed on posts throughout the cemetery. You can see the local new clip about it here, although it lacks something that was part of being there.

After the celebration, patriotic music, speeches as prayers, we went to place flowers at the graves of many loved ones buried here.
My Granny (Dad's mom) - late 1970s
My Mom, Debra Williams - 1985
My Great-Grandpa (Mom's side) - late 1980s
My Papa (Dad's dad) - 1993
My Great-Grandma (Mom's side) - 1998
My aunt Ramona Williams - 2000
My Grandma (Mom's mom) - 2007

Many more of us, including Brian and I, have plots in this cemetery. I like to think that when Jesus comes back and the dead rises, it will be a huge family reunion right there in the cemetery. And I can't wait to see my Mom again!

Lest you think it was a somber day. I have to share some of the comments made by Nate, because nothing improves the mood of a cemetery better than the sincere inquiries of a 6 year old!

While visiting my mother's grave, Nate asked my dad (there is a double marker, with his name already on it), "Why do you have a bury place if you're not dead yet?"

When I told Nate that we were going to where his Daddy's Dad was buried, he asked me, "Why do we have to put flowers in his pot if he's not even there yet?" He thought misunderstood me to mean his dad , rather than his grandfather (who he never met).

There were several others. I wish I had written them down. I love this age and the honest curiosity with which they ask anything. There was a tender moment in which he asked me why my mom died. I told him that she had cancer and it made her very sick. That seemed to do it for him for today.

Another tender moment was had with Jacob. He wanted to know why people are buried and why we bring flowers. I explained that when someone you love dies, if you bury them, you have a place to go to feel close to them and when we come to the cemetery we bring flowers as a gift to show them that we miss them. It was interesting to think about myself.

With this, I remind to hold your loved one tight. Tell them again how much you love them.

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