Friday, June 12, 2009

My friend Aimee introduced me to 12 for 12; 12 random photos of your day on the 12th of each month. My first 12 for 12 was Easter Sunday, April 12th. I didn't quite get it right, but I got 12 photos on there. Then, last month, I took the photos, but never got them posted. Today, I was determined to get it right and woke up with 12 for 12 on my mind. So, here I am again attempting 12 for 12, June 2009.

8:36 am - It's the first day of summer vacation and I slept in. My cell phone is also my clock since its on my night, within reach, and I cannot see the alarm clock across the room.
9:41 am - He slept in too.
9:42 am - Not sure when he woke up. But, I think it's safe to say he's not officially "up" yet.
10:07 am - My hubby has an interview, with another school district. Doesn't he clean up nice?
10:30 am - Since I didn't get the teachers gift soon enough, we went to their school to see if we could catch them cleaning their rooms, or something, today. We caught Mrs. G and gave her her gift. Jacob's teacher was not their, so we left her gift in her mailbox. Hopefully, she will be in soon.
2:30 pm - Shawn hula-ing with the Wii. This will be a good photo to show the girlfriends...
3: 15 pm - went to the store this morning and let Jacob pick out his birthday cake makings. He chose devil's food, vanilla frosting and M&M's. Tomorrow, we will bake.
3:30 pm - My camera died! In the middle of 12 for 12. So, I put the battery on the charger.
4:30 pm - After a little charge, I am good to go (although, it needs an over night charge). Joshua and the cat, having a meaningful conversation.
4:35 pm - Nate has two speeds: stop and go fast. Today, he stopped, for about 2 hours. Not sure if he's going to sleep tonight. But, it was a nice break in the middle of the day.
5:15 pm - "New message" from Brandi! They text constantly. (No comments about my texting habits now).
6:30 pm - working from home. I love my job. I love the flexibility to be able to bring work home and do some of it after the kids are in bed.

I think I have successfully completed a 12 for 12 post. I am so proud of myself. Stayed tuned for graduation photos in the next couple of days. This has been the week for graduations. And Sunday is Jacob's birthday. So, no slowing down. Then, I get to stuff. I am so ready for a vacation!


Aimee said...

Hey, we have the same camera battery! Good to know when we're all living in Seattle that I can borrow your charger if I lose mine. ;)

Hold onto those photos of the big boys. Blackmail. Big time. ;)

Celestial Nightsky said...

Lol. I still have to see Nate at full speed D: And we don't constantly text, there's a break for when we IM lol. And we usually run out of what to talk about quite fast. After awhile it's just us rambling lol