Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It's so nice to be back home with my boys (well, except for the temperature). I was so excited to see them last night. I thought I had booked our flight home for 9am; getting us home before noon. Well, as it turns out, I had actually booked it for 9pm. This gave us another full day in Washington. But, I was really missing my boys.

It seems they survived our time away. There was only one mishap to report. Nate decided to give himself a haircut (again). We had this conversation last night.
Me: Why did you cut your hair?
Nate: Because it was getting too long in the front.
Me: What are you supposed to do when your hair gets too long? (based on the fact that he had done this before)
Nate: Tell you.
Me: Why didn't you tell me?
Nate: You weren't here.
There's logic in that! Well, at least hair grows back.
When I asked Nate what he wanted me to bring him back from our trip, he said "a toy." I could not resist this Alaskan Husky puppet. I think he was happy with it too. A real Husky would melt here, lol.
Jacob requested a T-shirt. So this one seemed very appropriate for him. Jacob grew while we were gone. Shawn measured him just now, and he was 4'7". That is exactly one foot shorter than me.
My friend Jodi sent this Tag reading thing back for Nate. It seems to be a hit. He is still playing with it. He has taken a liking to books on CD. So this might be quite helpful for him to learn more sounds and read more.
The older boys got souvenirs too. But, they didn't model theirs for me. I think we did a good job of matching their souvenirs to their personalities too. It was fun to shop for them while we were gone. They were never far from our mind.
Be sure to check in regularly. I will be posting more pictures from our trip in the coming days. I have lots of pictures.

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Jodi said...

Glad to see the Tag getting used! It was great having you visit.