Friday, June 26, 2009

Today, I'm going to share a peek at the pretty food and drinks on this cruise. The food is amazing, beautiful and delicious (and always available!). Its no wonder people gain ten pounds in a week on a cruise.
Pretty umbrella drinks, in real pineapples
These are all make of chocolate!What better to go with chocolate, than champagne?
Yum, chocolate dolphins
Pretty, pretty chocolate
Another chocolate carving
Is this not the most horribly, amazing plate of food your have ever seen? In my defense, I (honestly) only had a bite or two of each thing. I simply could not choose which treat to try. And, it seems whatever I didn't get, Brian did. So, we were totally suger loaded.

Mel K. and Amy, I hang my head in shame. But, OMG it was so worth it. I do not look forward to stepping on the scale when I get home. I'm going to REALLY need you guys to rally around me me the next few months to repair the damage done, lol.

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Melissa May said...

OK. Seriously. Proof RIGHT THERE that they are charging people way too much to go on those cruises if they have enough to spend on chocolate sculptures like that!!! I can't even imagine... Amazing and beautiful! : )