Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ok, so I have had some trouble posting blogs from my laptop on the ship. I tried three times the other day and finally gave up. Don't even ask me how much I have to pay to even have internet access on here, lol. So, this time I am using the ship's computer cafe', ooh la la. Anyway, I just hope it will post. We are having a great time. Since I have not been able to post like I had hoped, I am just going to tease you with a preview of some of our activities. When I get home, I will post the details.

Without further ado:

So that was a bit cheesy, but it fell right into place. Yesterday, we visited Juneau the capital of Alaska. We also took an excursion to see the Mendenhall Glacier. Wow, it's beautiful, magnificent. I mean words fail to describe the awe, lol. It makes me think of one of my other favorite places, Yosemite, which was also carved out by a glacier. I can't imagine Yosemite looking like this thousands of years ago.

This is Mendenhall Glacier. It has receded over many years. Where you see water was at one time part of the glacier. The ice burgs in the water have broken off from the face of the glacier. This and the glacier itself melting are causing the receding.
After we left Juneau, we down Endicott Fjord to see another glacier (I can't remember it's name at the moment). We were supposed to go up Tracy Arm Fjord, but it was too dangerous due to ice conditions. Hmmm. In this picture, Brian and I are on our balcony. I am taking the picture, using the reflection of our sliding door (cool, huh?). Do you see that big chunk of ice behind us? Um, I seem to remember tales of another ship that did not fair so well in icy water...
This is just the tip of the ice burg. Couldn't resist! See how is goes out under the water? These things were huge. It's hard to get perspective in a photo. I took lots of pictures of ice, lol. Not to worry, we survived.
Today, we visited Skagway, the first city in Alaska. It's a really small town and quaint (think Old Town Clovis looking, in the whole town). We rode the White Pass train over the pass and into Canada. I got to use my passport, for the first time ever...TO GO TO CANADA! That was pretty uneventful, but the views were breathtaking, again. Alaska is beautiful. Here we are crossing a trundle bridge and entering a tunnel. It was pitch black in there. Kind of eerie, but fun.
Another photo as our car got closer. There were some other great views from the train. But, like I said, this is going to be a teaser post.
I hope this posts. I need to go get something to eat. I just realized that its nearly 9:00 and I haven't eaten dinner. It's hard to gauge when the sun doesn't set until 11:00 (seriously). It also rises before 4:00am. Talk about long days.
Anyway, keep checking in. Tomorrow, we have a stop in Canada. Then we arrive back in Seattle for a couple of days of visiting. And we will be back home on Monday. I miss my boys, but we have had a great time. Next time, I think we'll bring the whole family.


Jodi said...

I'll even forgive the tip of the iceberg comment since you shared your amazing photos... ;-)

Amy said...

Oh, I am totally jealous! What a great trip.

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