Sunday, July 05, 2009

We now return you to the Alaskan Cruise vacation picture posts. I shared photos from our time in Seattle before the cruise and pictures from the day we set off, along with some random pictures (when the ship's internet would let me). Now, I am going to give you the day to adventure. So, here is a look at Day 2, our first full day at sea.

We explored the ship a bit. We did not play shuffle board. But it's a cruise ship, it seemed appropriate to take a picture of the shuffle board game.
Some nautical decorations
One of the clubs. Karaoke
The pool deck
Brian enjoying the view from our balcony
Smooth sailing
Our first formal night
I love this photo!
This one too!
We were asked several times during the trip if we were newlyweds. I don't know why? Doesn't everyone married ten years act like this? It was very romantic.


Aimee said...

Pshaw! Ten years totally counts as newlyweds! I know we're still newlyweds. :)

You guys look great!

Melissa May said...

What an amazing dress! And how fun to have an occasion to wear it! : ) And good job still acting like newlyweds. : )