Sunday, July 19, 2009

Cruise Day 3 - Ketchikan, Alaska

Ketchikan was our first port of call. This was our first glimpse of Alaska, from the balcony of our ship. It is such a quaint looking town.
This one speaks for itself.
Now that's alot of rain. Although right now, it sounds pretty good.
This little creek ran behind the visitor's center. It was so tranquil. I had to take a picture. It looks like a postcard.
Display inside the visitor's center.
I like to take picture of signs. They remind me of the little things that I would certainly forget. They also look pretty cool in the scrapbook. I liked this timeline of Alaska. I learn a few things on this vacation.
When Alaska became the 49th state, there were many suggestions for the 49 star flag of the United States. These are some of the submissions.
This was the winner! I can't help but wonder what the flag will look like if/when we add another state or two.
There are lots of Totem Poles in Ketchikan.
Here we are at the base of the previous Totem to give you perspective.
Here we go with the signs again. Totem poles tell a story. Here is the story for the Totem in the previous pictures.
Here is another Totem in town.
Yay! Another sign. I love signs!
Many of the homes in town had Totems in their own front yard. I wonder what stories they tell.

I wanted to get a Totem as a souvenir. But, the ones in my budget were made in China. There was something wrong with that idea, lol. There were some awesome hand carved (locally), but, they were not in my vacation budget. Maybe, next time.
Stay tuned for vacation photos and stories. I'm enjoying this revisiting of our vacation. I hope you are too.

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