Monday, August 03, 2009

Hi bloggy friends. I am up for air. Here's a bit of a flashback for you. Because some thing you have to blog. Better late, than never.
I don't think I shared the events in the week preceding our cruise, because, quite frankly it was an exhausting week. All good, but exhausting. I was SO ready for a vacation when the time came, but I was seriously packing THE NIGHT BEFORE.
June 8th: My oldest son Joshua graduated from high school. I could not be more proud of him (well maybe when he graduates college). Doesn't he look studious here? He started his college program in July, and in October will be moving three hours away to live in a dorm and be a semi-grown-up. Where did the years go?
June 10th: As if seeing Joshua graduate didn't remind me how fast they grow, My BABY graduated kindergarten two days later. Kindergarten was a tough year, for Nate, for his teacher, and for me. We have come a long way. Nate was diagnosed with ADHD (finally) and after a couple of months we found a medication does that changed his school experience. I couldn't be more proud of Nate than when I saw him on stage, PARTICIPATING with his classmates in their program. YAY NATE!
June 14th: Graduations mark the passing of time; so too, do birthdays. Jacob had to get in on the action. He turned nine years old. It was a pretty low key celebration this year (wonder why?). We let him choose a couple of friends and took them to see UP! It was actually a nice break in our crazy week. Check out my fancy M&M cake decorating. There's talent! LOL.

Three kids. Three celebrations. One week of wonderfully exhausting chaos. Three occasions to realize just how fast my boys are growing up. Three chances to see what amazing young men they are becoming. Three chances to cry happy tears and hug my boys and take pictures. One week of wonderful memories.

June 18th: Yes, FOUR days later, we flew the coupe!

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