Thursday, August 20, 2009

We have two new additions to this zoo we call a family. Jacob has been studying goldfish in his class this week. The teacher provided each child a fish to observe in the classroom. They researched them; wrote about them; drew pictures about them. Then yesterday, came the note asking parental permission to bring home the fish. WHAT!? Of course, Jacob loves his little silvery goldfish, that he named Angel. Did you know that goldfish don't turn gold until about six months old? Now, how am I supposed to say no?

Instead, a trip to Walmart for a small aquarium and fish food.
Then, Jacob decides that Angel needs more rocks and some decorations for the little aquarium.
Grandma and I went back to Walmart for the requested items. Grandma decided that Angel needed a friend too. I chose one of the feeder fish. One out of a tank of about one hundred. I don't think anyone ever buys ONE feeder fish. The sales lady looked at my like I was crazy.
This is not a great picture; but it's not easy taking pictures of fish. Angel is on the left. Hannah is on the right. Hannah is white, with a heart shaped orange spot on "her" head. "She" is so cute.

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