Sunday, August 16, 2009

Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I love you tomorrow....You're only a day away...

Guess what tomorrow is? Tomorrow is the day the kids go back to school. It would be safe to say that I'm happy that it is finally here. It has been a great summer. It's been the first summer in several that we were all home together (except Joshua, who was taking summer classes, over achiever!). Summer messes with my routine, as well as the kids. It will be nice to have a routine in our lives again.

Of course back to school means. Shopping: New shoes, socks underwear, jeans, backpacks, pencils, crayons, notebooks, binders. You know the drill. Fortunately, we got most of that out of the way in the last week or so.

So, what was left for the day before school? A few things, including Sunday's normal stuff, like grocery shopping and laundry.
Honestly, not sure how it is that I had this much dirty laundry!
Nate's clothes, bagged in outfits that he can choose from.
Lunches made and apples for the teachers. Cuz, I'm the cool Mom.
And a little something for myself! I am starting school too.

Nothing exciting...

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