Monday, August 17, 2009

The kids (and Brian) went back to school today. Woo hoo. It seems everyone had a good day. Here are the required first day of school photos.

Jacob and Nate show what grade they are in this year.
My baby is in 1st grade. Sniff, sniff.
Shawn ran out of finger for his 11th grade year.
The boys having breakfast at school.
Nate's new teacher, Mrs. M.
Nate's class. There are a few familiar faces in the crowd.
Jacob and Mrs. W.
He is at a new school and will be making new friends.
Joshua wanted to meet Brandi after school.
Everyone is represented.

Overall, good day. I even got to do a little shopping for myself. I needed new school clothes, lol. I got a couple of outfits for my internship. The reason I need new clothes is another post...


Amy said...

My kids started back to school yesterday, too. Seems early to me, but lots of schools around here have been back for a week already.

Can I just say that Holy Cow your 11th grader has big feet! I can't imagine my little guys being that grown up someday.

As for new clothes for you, woohoo! I don't think you ever need a reason. Unfortunately my wallet does not I wait.

sportzmom said...

I am so jealous! September cannot come soon enough...everyone here is getting on each other's nerves. Hope it was a great day!