Wednesday, August 05, 2009

My darling little DOES NOT SLEEP. He has never been a good sleeper, even as an infant. He was diagnosed with ADHD in January and is currently taking Concerta. After a few months, we found the right dose and his behavior and focus have remarkably improved. Keep in mind that Conerta is a stimulant. Well, what do you suppose happens when you give a child who already has sleep problems a stimulant? That's right, they don't sleep AT ALL. Well, pretty close anyway. So, I explain this to his doctor, who prescribes another medication, basically, a downer, for him to take at night. Several week later...NOTHING. He's still not sleeping. So, the doctor increases the dose. Weeks later...NOTHING. He's still not sleeping. This week, again, the doctor increases the dose.

I am not a proponent of drugs for children, for the most part. They were not the first choice for Nate either. But, I admit they have made a huge difference for him. That being said, I am open to other ideas, including less traditional ideas. One day, I was chatting (venting) with my dear friend Aimee about Nate's lack of sleep and my exhaustion. At some point in the conversation, she said, "Nothing says he has to sleep in a bed." She's brilliant like that! My Jacob and Aimee's son had both been in occupational therapy for a time, and we often shared ideas about therapy and such. She suggested a swing for Nate, like the ones the older boys had used in therapy. Like I said, I'm open to trying just about anything...

The swing came today.
It is mounted in the door frame of Nate's bedroom.
Trying it out.
A little closer up.
After the boys were in bed, Brian and I ran out to grab a few things from Target. (My dad was here.) When we got home, this is where we found Nate, asleep on the couch, by my dad. Brian carried him to his room.
I guess we'll try again tomorrow. It was fun reading him a bedtime story. I sat on the floor, just inside his door and held the book "teacher style." I rocked the swing gently, while I read. It reminded me of when he was a baby. I hope this works. I wish it was strong enough for me to sit in. It looks SO comfy.


Celestial Nightsky said...

How does Nate sleep like that on your couch? It looks painful o_o

Aimee said...

Looks cozy, Sheri!!! I hope it works out for him. I wish I could sleep in a swing. :)

Amy said...

Robbie uses a swing like that in OT. He loves it. We have a similar one at home that my boss gave us, but you can't lay down in it. We still need to hang it. Hope Nate gets better sleep in the swing.