Sunday, June 01, 2008

A couple of weeks ago, three weeks to be precise, my calendar on the wall said it was Mother's Day. Unfortunately, my personal planner said that I had three huge papers (finals) due the following week. The kids made me breakfast in bed, pancakes, with dad's help. Then we went to church. In the afternoon, we went out to lunch, to McDonald's so the kids could play while I studied. But, hey were all together.

A few days before, when Nate and I were walking home from school, we saw a mother and daughter planting flowers in their front yard. I thought that is what I want to do for Mother's Day. I wanted to spend a lazy afternoon hanging out with my boys, planting flowers and cleaning up the yard a bit. Well, I just didn't have time on Mother's Day, because of my school work. So, I told Brian that I was claiming the following Sunday as My Mother's Day.

Well, the following week, we got our first heat wave of the year. It was 103 degrees on Sunday. So, needless to say, we didn't spend the day outside planting flowers. (Ironically, the weekend after that it was pouring rain and snowing in our nearby mountains. I guess winter wasn't really ready to leave. This was also our anniversary and we were out of town, where it wasn't raining.)

So, that brings us to today. Three weeks after the calendar said it was Mother's Day, I claimed My Mother's Day. After church today, we went to and bought some flowers. The little boys each picked a tray of flowers. They both chose petunias. I knew Jacob would pick purple flowers since that is his favorite color. Nate wanted to pick the same thing as his big brother. I made him at least choose a different color; so he chose the pink ones.
This is the little spot in front of our house that I wanted to plant the flowers. Our yard is nice, but it needs some personality. The people who lived here before, had a lot of roses and other plant that I can't identify. Now, I am a talented gardener. I can kill silk plants. Seriously! So, their lovely plants, just will not survive me. I prefer annuals. You just replace them each year and they look pretty until they die. Works for me.

First, we had to clear out the weeds and grass that grown into the flower bed. The boys didn't enjoy that part quite as much. Honestly, we didn't even get rid of all the weeds. We really just wanted to plant the flowers.

We had to get a watering can.

Nate is helping me pull the weeds.

Nate pulling weeds.

Nate watering our pretty flowers.
Break time!

Jacob decided to pick some cherries from our cherry tree.
So did Nate.
Nate is Fearless! Dad, not so much.
I told Jacob to only pick the cherries he was going to eat. The folowing conversation ensued.
Jacob: The people at Savemart do not pick only the food they are going to eat. We should sell our cherries.
Me: Who would we sell them to?
Jacob: Our neighbors.
Then he brought me this.

If you want fresh California cherries, leave a comment. Only $9.99 per cherry.

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Aimee said...

Put me down for a bag of those babies! Look at all the labor that went into them... ;)

LOVE the photo of Nate in the tree!! Happy Mother's Day!