Monday, June 23, 2008

We decided to drive over to Santa Cruz before catching our flight to Seattle. By staying over night at the beach (which was such a sacrifice), we didn't have to get up as early to drive to the airport the next morning. Here are some photos of our day at the beach.
Brr! Ocean water is a bit chilly.
Fun in the sun.
Can the water get all the way up here?
I love the ocean.
I love it when the kids play nice together. There is just something about the ocean that brings out the best in them. Maybe, we should move closer!
By the time we were finished playing on the beach, the boardwalk was about to close, so we only had time for one ride. We all decided to ride the Ferris wheel. Dad and Nate rode together and Mom and Jacob rode together. Mom had the camera...
When we stopped near the top to let more people on the ride, Jacob decided he wanted off. He was screaming and clinging to me. When we came around the bottom I told the operator that we wanted to get off. We had to ride around one more time before he could stop it; then he let us off. He gave us our tickets back and Jacob was happy to ride the whales while we waited for Dad and Nate to finish their ride.
I had a talk with Jacob about the fact that when we are in the airplane, you cannot change your mind and get off. He informed me that the Ferris wheel was ok until it stopped and as long as the airplane does not stop in mid-air he will be ok. You know, if the airplane stops in mid-air, Jacob will not be the only one freaking out!

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Aimee said...

Ha! Love the comment about stopping the plane in mid-air.

C'mon, already, waiting for Seattle stories & pics...