Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Thursday was our tourist-y day in Seattle. We had reservations for lunch at the Space Needle. We arrived early and spent some time checking out the local art. The Seattle Center has a lot of great art to view: statues, sculptures, totems. We also had time to stop at Starbucks. It was cool enough for me to have a mocha; a big deal for me since it has been a while since it was cool enough for a hot drink back home :-)
The Space Needle from the parking lot.
Fast friends. I'm so happy the boys got along.
Jacob taking a photo of one of the sculptures in the Seattle Center. A cool wooden sculpture behind him.
Jacob and Gabriel by a mosaic panel in the Seattle Center.
I thought this panel was cool. It compares things. "Firecrackers and cruise missiles are alike because they both explode and cause damage." "The Space Needle and the Pagoda are alike because they both reach the sky!" Very interesting. I'd like to know the ages of the contributors.Jacob and Gabriel pose with a statue. There were several. This one was their favorite.
Killing time, waiting for our lunch reservation at the Space Needle. These balls were around the base of Space Needle, I assume to keep cars from driving into it?? The kids climbed over each one, from one end to the other, and back. It was entertaining...for a while.
Jacob goes over the ball...
Jodi and Sebastian
Climbing on one of the "feet" that supports the Space Needle. It kind of gives size perspective of the structure.
Around and around and around the "foot" of the Space Needle. I think they were getting a little bored by this point.

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Aimee said...

Woo hoo! You go as photo-crazy as I do on trips! I love all the pics of the boys playing together - keep 'em coming!