Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Wednesday morning we drove to San Jose to catch our flight to Seattle. Jacob was excited, as this was his first time to fly. We had some interesting discussions as we waited in the security line. Why couldn't we bring the sunscreen (which I usually carry in my purse)? Why do we have to take off our shoes? Why can't I just carry my DS through security? Why did we leave our suitcase (checked it)? What if it doesn't get on the plane?

Then our plane was delayed an hour. Oh and I forgot the charger for his DS, which died on the drive up to Santa Cruz the day before. I know Jodi's boys have a DS, so we can charge it there. But, what are we going to do for an extra hour in the airport and two hours on the plane? We hit the gift shop and found some puzzle books, which were a hit for the whole trip.

This is the plane that Jacob flew on for the first time.
Here is Jacob about the board the plane. He was so excited!
Here are Jacob an I awaiting take-off, on the plane. It's one of those "hold the camera at arm's length and take your own picture" pictures, so not the most flattering. Jacob looks terrified, but really thats just his "big cheese" smile.
This is Crater Lake, taken as we flew over Oregon. I am impressed by how well my camera takes pictures through the airplane window!
I think this is Mt. Ranier, again from the air. If so, it is the largest of the volcanic mountains in the Cascades. See, I learned a little about Washington geography while I was there :-)
This was our first glimpse of Seattle, from the air. Jacob was excited to see the Space Needle before we even landed.
After a fairly long day of travel, we spent a relaxing evening in, playing Legos. We also went to the neighborhood park, which was an awesome park. The boys got along great and Jodi and I had some time to chat. Here are the boys: Gabriel, Sebastian and Jacob.

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