Friday, January 09, 2009

Christmas was the season of scarves this year. I made scarves for the little boys' teachers. Actually, Jacob made the one for his teacher (but it magically grow a few inches every night. How come the yarn fairy never works on my projects over night?) I didn't get pics of the scarves for the teachers. I wish I had, because Nate's teacher's turned out beautiful!
The older boys each requested green and white scarves. Those are their school colors. I wanted the make them different, but with the same yarn. I was playing with two strands for Joshua, when he asked for a darker green (picky, picky). So here he is sporting his new scarf. It is really think due to using two strands. But, it's really warm for those cold winter mornings. What, It's not that cold in California? That explains why he is sporting a t-shirt and a scarf. Silly boy.
Here is Shawn with his lighter green and white. He really likes his (Joshua likes his better, totally different personalities). Color changes are a pain, even in something as simple as this. But, whatever makes my boys happy...
I finished this one up for Nate last night (It was on my unfinished list). Now Jacob is upset because he is the only one who doesn't have a scarf. You know what that means...Speaking of my unfinished projects...I found a website of another crafter who has issued a procrastinator's challenge to those of us with unfinished projects laying around. I decided to list my projects here to share what I am (and have been up to). These are only my yarn projects. I tend to craft in cycles. I love to scrapbook, make things with beads, make cards. Right now I am crocheting and loom knitting. I have a goal this year to learn to knit. So, here are some things that I am working on:
Remember when I said this was the season of scarves? Well, they didn't all get done before Christmas. The one in progress here was started for the teacher's aide in Nate's class. I had to break down and buy her candy instead. The blue yarn was bought for a scarf for my dad, by special request (after Christmas), so it's in line right now. The green is a scarf in line for my brother in law. It was the green that Joshua didn't want and green was requested by my brother in law. That's easy. The brown? Well, I thought I might make something for myself (eventually). What a concept. I just thought it was pretty.
This is a dog sweater that I started for Amy, Jacob's hairless dog. I think it's going to be for her. I might give this one to my dad's dog (who you can also see in that link, go look). Which means... I will be making another sweater. I am creating this as I go, without a pattern, so there's the extra factor of "I have no idea what I'm doing."
For this one, I thought about just taking a picture of the tied up bag. The intended recipient is not old enough to know what it is, but his mama might read. I started this project last summer. I bought the yarn on July 7 (that will give the surprise away) before I realized the significance. I decided on the rainbow colors to represent a very special promise God made to a little boy on the other side of the world. Then school start and life got crazy, and the little guy came home sooner than expected. If I get busy he might not be too big for cuddles in it.
This is the "camouflage blanket." There is a story behind this blanket that is beyond blogging. Someday, it will be a book. I has been a long term project of emotional healing. I work on it, when I "need" to. So, right now it sits in wait. But, nevertheless, it's unfinished.

So, that's 7 yarn projects in some state of progress. It's a good thing I have several needles, lol. I really need to get some things completed. Thanks for the challenge. Sometimes, you realize how many things you have floating, until you pull them all out and take pictures.


Karah said...

Those all look amazing! And I am the queen of starting things and not finishing them. LOL. :)

Amy said...

Oh, the green-eyed monster is rising within me. How cool that you made all those. I would love to learn to knit (crochet? what is that?) But I have carpal tunnel syndrome which means about 2 rows in, my hands would be numb.

Aimee said...

Nice job on the scarves, Sheri!

Love all those WIPs, too. You can do it!

Coachdad said...

I rent out a room in my house and my roommate is always knitting scarfs... my girls love to tie them to their teddy bears and use them as leashes. Love the green one.

Shawn said...

i still love my scarf, i dont care what joshua says, mine is better... haha love ya Aunt Sheri

Melissa May said...

OK. You made me cry. I can't believe you bought that yarn on July 7... or that you even know that! (Still have the receipt in the bag???) And don't worry... I think you have plenty of time. He is in love with his flannel receiving blankets right now and isn't even interested in the one I made for him - but I'm sure he will be interested in more than flannel one of these days!!! Thanks, Sister!