Saturday, January 31, 2009

Friday was an awesome day for Jacob. In the morning the school had a quarterly awards assembly, where Jacob received FIVE awards! Way to go Jacob. He received achievement awards in both Math and Language Arts. He got a citizenship award and awards for both perfect attendance and no tardies. As if that was not enough. Jacob was chosen by his teacher as Student of the Month for January and on Friday they had the SOM awards and lunch. The SOMs get to eat lunch on the stage in the cafeteria, provided by a local fast food restaurant, and parents are invited to have lunch with them.

Here the kids are watching as each student gets their SOM medal and the Vice Principal reads the letter that the teacher wrote about that child. Don't they look excited?
Here the VP is reading the letter Jacob's teacher wrote about him. The character trait for January is Fairness. Coincidentally, Jacob got SOM in January last year also, for Fairness. He is such a kind and gentle boy (most of the time).
This is what his teacher wrote:
Jacob (last name) is Room 34's Student of the Month for January. Jacob is an excellent example of our character trait, fairness. Jacob always follows our classroom rules. He tries to help other people when they are having a difficult time doing the right thing. On the playground he is a model fair play and cooperativeness. Each morning I look forward to seeing his bright and optimistic smile. I am so proud of having such an extraordinary young man in Room 34.
2nd Grade
Mrs. J
Here is Jacob and Mrs J. We are happy to have her too!
My dad and I went to have lunch with Jacob. Here is Jacob and Papa.

I am so proud of Jacob and his achievements, both academically and in his character. He truly is an awesome kid! I love you Jacob!

Did I mention that Jacob was tested for the Gifted and Talented Education program? He was invited and will be attending the school for gifted students this fall. He is a smart kid, and he knows it. I wonder when it will hit him that the other kids at this school are just as smart as he is...

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