Saturday, January 31, 2009

Woo Hoo, I got a blog award! I am so excited! (Where's my little dancing emoticon?)
Thank you to Aimee for thinking my little corner of the bloggersphere is FABULOUS!
It seems there are rules that accompany this award. You have to share five addictions. Hmmm, addiction seems such a strong word, I prefer obsessions, lol. And you have to pass the award on to five other fabulous bloggers. That part is easy!
1. I am addicted to Diet Pepsi. Seriously, it is my morning coffee. My classmates even tease me about coming into my 8:00 class with a Diet Pepsi.
2. I am addicted to Starbucks. My other morning coffee, lol. Not really, it's too expensive for every day. But, I do stop more often than I should. There is a Starbucks on site where I intern. What can I say.
3. I am addicted to my craft projects. My interests go in cycles, but when I'm really into a craft, it takes a lot of my time. I love to craft for other people.
4. I am addicted to my computer. I cannot imagine what life was like before them. I cannot imagine typing all my papers on an old fashion type writer. I am a horrible typist and would never have made it this far academically (or on this post) without the "backspace" key.
5. I am addicted to learning. If I could make a living, even a meager one, going to school for the rest of my life I would (preferably without writing the papers). I love the feel of a classroom.
Ok, so now for the fabulous blogs I read regularly (in no particular order, well actually, in the order they appear on my side bar. Did you know that when you post, your blog jumps to the top, so I know you posted?):
LMNOP: I started checking periodically with Marey when her daughter was fighting cancer. She is such a strong and gracious woman. She gives amazingly. And she teaches Kindergarten, that in itself should gain her sainthood!
The Fourth Frog: I don't even remember how I found Amy's blog. But, I love reading it. You never what you are going to find there. It's fun to read her random thoughts about things. She is also hosting a "biggest loser" contest, which I am certainly not winning, but I want the CD prize!
Diary of an Overachieving Mom: Kim is proof that I can survive. She has FIVE kids and lives where it snows! She does crafts with her kids and even cooks! I think she may be supernatural. At the very least, she is an overachiever! I bet she even BAKES cupcakes to take to school on her kids' birthdays.
The Honey Bee Blog: Melissa is a friend from church, one of the few bloggers I know IRL. Her blog is sincere and devoted to her family and her relationship with God. I started reading to follow her journey to adopt a sweet boy from Thailand. Now he is home!
Priceless Reflections: My other friend Melissa, photographer extraordinaire. Sometimes I just like to go look at her work. She is awesome. Check out her pics and if you are in Ohio or even close, she's worth the drive!


Melissa May said...

Wow... I'm almost speechless! : ) Thanks, Sheri! And thanks for the lunch offer... We actually survived today on mac n cheese and then my parents brought dinner over. It's nice to have Lowell home and to know I should be feeling normal again soon. I kept thinking today "We need another mother around here!" Nothing like not being able to do much to help me see how much I really do around here!

sportzmom said...

Thank you for mentioning my blog!!! I am actually bad about bringing cupcakes to school on their birthdays!Thankfully, my oldest daughter likes to bake and she is now in charge of all of the birthday cakes. It's something that she loves to do. Anyway, happy weekend. We're supposed to get more snow the beginning of next week. I'm not sure I can survive another snowday!

M said...

...where've you been? We miss you!